Parish Priest - Father Anton Column

Father Anton Parish Priest

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I begin with a big “thank you” to Peter and the Parish Committee for organising and seeing through the parish picnic.  The weather turned out to be fine and a good time was had by all.  We thank our musician, the barbecue team, refreshment team and those who organised the games for both children and adults.  The tug of war was won by the women and children 2-1.  However there was a suspicion that somehow some additional support was brought in!  Next year I propose a revisit to Hanchurch Woods so that we can benefit from the shelter of the trees from the breeze that seems to appear at this time of the year.  Thank you also to all who supported the joint Mass, a symbol of unity and generosity within the area!

Please note the date for Journey in Faith has been set for those interested and who have already made enquiries, Tuesday October 2nd at 8 p.m. in the Upper Room.  Journey in Faith is what it says on the tin, a time to journey and explore the teachings of the church and parallel it with what you believe as individuals in order that you might enter the catholic faith.  There is no obligation – you are free to make or not make a commitment at the end of the course.  Our wish is to help you sincerely find your way to God and his goodness in life.  If coming into the church is for you and helps make this happen then the group is pleased to have served either way.

This Tuesday is the event on Global Healing at Holy Trinity.  In order for people to attend I have changed the Tuesday Mass to 10 a.m.  It is something the Holy Father encourages us to think about deeply.  He reminds us that the earth we live on is both our sister and mother keeping us alive and providing for the needs of us all.  It is not an endless resource and needs to be cared for – even if we might all find ourselves journeying with electric cars in the future.

Next Sunday is harvest Sunday, something our children might consider celebrating and marking in some way through children’s liturgy.  Have a think!

God bless and keep you all safe in his care!

Father Anton s.c.j.