Parish Priest - Father Anton Column

Father Anton Parish Priest

Dear Parishioners,

As we approach our New Year Mission many of you will have noticed that we are in the process of doing a Parish Census.  This has a number of purposes, first of all to update our parish records, but also to offer you a visit from our Mission Team who would like to come and say “hallo” and talk a little about our faith.  There is an “opt-in” tick-box which I hope will appeal to the majority of you!  From a practical point of view having full records is a great help to the parish especially when references are needed and is a way of helping with communication all round.  Private information is strictly confidential and addresses etc. need the individual’s permission to be passed on.  Please fill in a census sheet!  There are pens available at the back of church.

Once again a big thank you this week to Bishop David who returned for our Year 5 and 6 Confirmation!  It has been heartening and interesting to see how carefully the candidates have chosen their Confirmation names.  To do so is to acknowledge a special moment in life when we ask the power of the Holy Spirit to strengthen our faith and make us faithful members of his body the church, serving not just those close to us but the world at large.  Let us be lights in the darkness and let us all live in the light and avoid darkness around us.

Thank you to all those who donated a full shoebox.  I am sure it will be a spiritual delight to think of the smiles you raise on the faces of those who receive your gift.  We did not reach the dizzy numbers of last year but there were a good number delivered in time for the collection.

Congratulations to Linkline whose associates celebrated 10 years of happy service to the community.  A special Mass was held during the previous week with a small buffet to follow.  Father Stephen Fawcett, who instigated our Organisation, returned to celebrate with us.

Finally it is good to remember that part of our faith is to be a member of the Body of Christ.  For us as baptised people it means also to be living members of the body within the church.  As we should be loyal to one another we are called to be loyal to the Working Body of Christ; we therefore have a duty to pray for and work for our church in whatever way God calls us and call us he does.  We have to ask ourselves the question, “Do we listen, are we listening to him?”

May God keep and protect you and keep you close to him!

Father Anton s.c.j.